Actor Ong Seong-woo finished shooting 5m underwater in six attempts at MBC’s ‘Total Interview Point’ broadcast on March 21.

Ong Sung-woo ended the outdoor shooting of the music video and headed to the underwater filming site. Ong Sung-woo manager said, “Today, Ong Sung-woo shoots for the first time underwater. I was really worried even when the music video Conti came out.” Ong Sung-woo added, “I have never worried about Ong Sung-woo’s swimming, and I was worried because it was the first time in the water.”

Ong Sung-woo showed tension on the 5m underwater filming set. However, Ong Sung-woo succeeded in shooting in six times. Ong Sung-woo laughed, saying, “If you’re sorry, it’s okay to go one more time.”

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