Park Gu-yoon burned his will by saying, “Since Jo Jo-jo and Kim Yong-im won the championship, I want to win this time.” Park Goo-yun found a clause and insisted on “kill me”, and Article Article said “Start from the 3rd place” and laughed.

The third contestant was Yu Ji-na. Yu Ji-na, who selected Kim Serena’s ‘Flower Ta Ryeong’, burned up her pledge that “My friend Kim Yong-im won the first place in the last round. He added, “But I’ll still give the score generously because I play folk songs, which are my special skills.”

The fourth contestant was Seol Ha-yun. Seol Ha-yoon met Yo-Yomi and asked for advice. Yo-Yomi encouraged the courage by saying, “My sister and I are very happy. The manners of the stage are great fun for the audience.” After serious contemplation with Yo-Yomi, Seol Ha-yoon chose Jang Yoon-jung’s ‘flower’ as a contest.

The fifth song selected by contestant Park Hye-shin was Lee Eun-ha’s ‘Spring Rain’. Park Hye-shin said, “I’m almost going to be in fifth place and it’s almost like cucumber.” To Hye-shin Park, who said, “I want to be first,” Hyun-mi presented a bracelet, advising, “You should sing the song first, don’t overdo it.”

The sixth contestant, Kim Yong-im, set up the stage of Baek Nan-ah’s ‘Chile Flower’. Kim Yong-im said, “I emptied my mind a lot after taking the first place. I’m going to sing lightly.” The audience evaluation team cheered for the powerful charm that Kim Yong-im showed.

The last contestant was Park Seo-jin. Park Seo-jin, who chose Yang Hee-eun’s ‘White Magnolia’ as a contest song, said, “I wanted to let you know that Park Seo-jin can sing this song because it’s not a trot, but I chose it because I thought I could show a new look.” .

Lee Deok-hwa asked Kim Yong-im, “I was the first in the last round, but are you greedy?”, And Kim Yong-im said, “I want other singers to do it, and I wish I could do it while keeping the margin.” Deokhwa Lee said, “It is a situation in which each of the four votes is exactly different from the first place to the fourth place.” Seol Ha-yun and Yu Ji-na were 6th and 7th.


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