Participant Mobile Idol App ‘IDOLCHAMP’ voted on the theme of ‘Let’s find human lemon ~ freshly craftsmanship idol’ for two weeks from August 7 to August 21.

Idols challenge various concepts to show their fans various aspects of their occupation. In particular, the ‘fresh concept’ that can focus on the minds of heterosexual fans is a popular concept that every idol must try once.

The bright smiles and bright beauty make you feel like you are bursting with juice. Park Ji-hoon is the No. 1 man in honor of the ‘freshly-concept’ craftsman who combines ‘human lemon’ and ‘human vitamin’.

Park Ji-Hoon, the creator of 2017’s buzzword “ Save in My Heart, ” took the top spot with an overall turnout of 35.76%. Park Ji-hoon, who has created a popular buzzword that can be used not only by the Blue House but also by Hollywood actors, is actually a ‘fresh concept’ artisan.

All of these descriptions are visually replaceable. This is because Wanna One’s eternal visual center and the protagonist of flower beauty recognized by the members. Park Ji-hoon, called Jung-seok of a beautiful young man, shines most on the face shot (close-up of the face) thanks to the white skin and the pale redness always on the cheeks. The freshness shines even more because of its perfect beauty.

In particular, Park Ji-Hoon perfectly digests blonde hair and makes all fans feel elastic. Park Ji Hoon became a “ human lemon ” with a new blonde hairstyle during the Wanna One activity. The bright hair color makes his skin stand out. It was recorded as a ‘Legend’ showing off the prince’s visuals that would appear in a fairy tale.

Park Ji-hoon, who has set a new challenge in the drama, is transformed from ‘Human Lemon’ into a flower ritual to shake Joseon. Park Ji-hoon, who plays Ko Young-soo in the drama ‘Chosun Happiness Workshop Flower Padang’, which is scheduled to be broadcast in September, is going to capture CRT with more splendid sophistication and refined appearance.

The second place was occupied by NCT ​​residents with 24.44%. In addition, X1 (X1) Song Hyung-jun (13.03%) and The Boys (7.1%) ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively, and Bigton Choi Byung-chan (4.56%) and Astro Yoonsanha (3.40%). In addition, you can check it in the case of the Korean Wave community.

Meanwhile, Idol Champ announced that it will vote CLOSE-UP SHOT every week for TOP5 idol starring in the show champion. JBJ95 Sang Kyun took first place in the 329th show championship by voting for idols close to the screen like fairies on the show champion stage.

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