‘Idol music show! Park Ji-min, who first appeared on Corner King’s Corner, proved his overwhelming singing voice by calling NCT 127’s ‘Simon Says’ with explosive treble.

Park Ji-min, who saw the stage, admits, “Park Ji-min was worried that he was the first, but he was very good.” He did not hesitate to praise him, saying, “I think it’s hard to call it a song. Park Ji-min said, “It’s been a long time since I appeared on the radio. ‘Idol Radio’ atmosphere is so good, there are fans in front of the more fun, “he said. He also said, “The new song of the rainy summer is coming out in August.”

“I’m busy with Boogie Up,” said the union. “Last time I came to the space girl group, but it’s new because I’m alone.” “If you can not sing today, you can not sing,” stressed the SF9 member whistle, saying, “I did not want you to come to the hotel.” Afterwards, Yong Sung made a humorous voice and said that Kim Dong-Ryul’s “I will love you again” I raised it to the maximum.

Before joining the universe girl ‘Boogie Up’ live, the coalition was worried that it would be “burdensome to digest alone”, saying it is “a rarely sunny song among space girl’s title songs.” However, when the accompaniment started, the coalition set up a stage in which the fans who came to Sangam MBC Garden Studio were instantly breathed together.

On that day, Park Ji-min, Yoon Jeong, and Yong Sung prepared OSTs of famous dramas and movies and brought listeners to memories.

First, Inseong replayed a scene of the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ with DJ Jeong Ilhoon and called ‘Paradise’ of Trax. According to the song of the personality, the ex-actress went out to the stage and enjoyed the rhythm. Especially, Park Ji-min said, “I am looking at the man more than flowers nowadays.” Along with the experience of singing a number of OSTs, he also called the name “Your Name”, an OST of the drama “Honam JungUm”. Then he played a scene of DJ Jung Il-hoon and “The Sun with the Sun” and showed his charm in the opposite direction by sweetly digging Rin’s “back in time”. Park Ji Min was applauded for calling Aladdin OST and Naomi Scott’s Speechless (Full), both of which became a cover story.

After completing the stage, Park Ji-min, Yoon Jeong, and In-sun said, “I want to appear with these members again.”
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