Park Shin-hye expressed her thoughts on the reaction of ‘preservative beauty’.

On August 16, KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Broadcasting’ showed his interview with actor Park Shin-hye for 16 years of debut.

On that day, Park Shin-hye responded to the response of ‘preservative beauty’, saying, “I seemed to be getting older when I was young,” and said, “It’s amazing. I didn’t think I’d do so much.”

After the question, “Is there a slump,” the question is, “When it comes to the decision of my work, I prepare for a month with headaches. I feel stressed during the preparation. It’s hard, frustrating and anxious. Will disappear. ”

The actress is also well-known for her philanthropic work, including the Shinhye Center which opened in Africa and the Philippines. “While sponsoring the one-on-one child support program in order to help the children in need in those areas, my fans also supported the one-on-one child support programs in their local areas and the scale slowly became bigger,” said Park Shin Hye. “So I donated the profits from my fan meeting and opened a center. I think that my fans are more amazing than I am.”

Park Shin Hye also made headlines when she donated laundry machines to firefighters. She explained, “I once read about the hard work of firefighters and I wondered if there was a way to help them. Once I heard that a [fire suit] laundry machine was being released from [LG], I asked for their participation and we donated. They responded by saying that they’d be happy to help out for a good cause. [LG] donated 20 each of the fire suit laundry machines and dryers.”

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