On this day, the Pentagon members went to Sangam MBC Garden Studio to show off their various live stages and gave power to Hui and Keno.

Pentagon, who opened the door to the ‘Prod.

Uto, who is usually a fan of Woo Won-jae, sang “ Professed by GRAY ” by Woo Won-jae and reached the highest point.

‘Idol music show! Jinho boasted an explosive singing power every time at the corner of Coin King. He gave Yoon Jong Shin’s “ Portrait ” to the listeners. Yeowon also admired her on the stage of “I felt comforted recently.”

Keno raised the mood to WINNER’s ‘EVERYDAY’ stage. Yeowon showed anti-war charm by singing Kim Dong-ryul’s ‘old song’ and surprised both members and listeners. Jin-ho complimented Yeowon, “I called it so pretty.”

Hui recreates EXO’s Ko Ko Bop in his own color. The ruling house chorused the stage and quickly made the studio a concert hall.

Woo Seok and Identity blew up the heat at once with the fans hitting the stage of ‘Heat Eaten Seagull’ by ‘Infinite Challenge’ Dole Brain (No Brain + No Hong Cheol). Jin-ho said, “If Norajo seniors see this stage, I think I will praise them. I’m so excited. ”

After completing the fun stage, Yeowon said, “It was a bright day. I hope there will be many same days today. ”

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