The X system of ‘Produce X101’ which I thought was fresh. Unlike expectations, however, the X system has remained an intense form of so-called “Agro”.

On the 19th, Mnet entertainment program ‘Produce X101’ was broadcast live, and 11 members of project group X1 (X1) were announced.

The members who made their debut with the X-Yuan through the final ranking announcement were from 1st place, Kim Yo-han Kim Woo-suk, Han Seung-woo, Song Hyung-joon, Cho Seung-yeon and Sohn Dong-pyo. This is the last time that Lee has joined with the new X system.

In the meantime, ‘Produce’ has been evaluated as boring in three different series, such as level test, evaluation stage of the same pattern, ranking announcement style. The Producer X101 pulled out the X system. The X system became a new rule midway between the level test and the final announcement, and seemed to be fresh. However, this was a version of the production team who wanted to attract “agro” (a word that leads to negative behavior to attract someone’s attention).

At the time of the level test, ‘Produce X101’ said that it established X grade instead of the existing F grade. The X-rated trainee explained that he had to return home without being able to enter the training center. However, the X class trainees were separated instead of leaving, and they were trained by the trainer’s eye level. Actually, there was no difference from the existing F grade. Rather, they focused on the reversal of the early broadcasts and gave a lot of money. It was the reason why it was pointed out that it would be better to get an X grade than to receive a middle class B, C, or D grade.

The quantity is quite important in ‘Produce’. As the debates of 101 trainees are decided by the votes of the national producers, the more often they are broadcasted, the easier it is for the public to know their faces and the more likely they are to enter the debut group. In fact, among the 20 trainees who came up to the final rank announcement ceremony, there were five people from the X class, including Kang Min-hee Koo Jung-mo and Kim Min-kyu Song Hyung-joon Lee Se- Four of them, except Lee Se-jin, kept the top position, and Kang Min-hee and Song Hyung-joon made their final debut.

In the concept evaluation conducted after the second ranking announcement, X system appeared. It was a system to revive the trainees who fell away from the second presentation ceremony in the name of “X Resurrection”. In the process, ‘Producer X101’ selected four candidates and made a video call to them. The result announcement was made when four trainees were making video calls at the same time. It was a somewhat cruel way of holding hope torture to those who were desperate for their dreams. In addition, resurrected trainee Kim Dong-yoon had to wait alone for a long time until the team to take him out. And the crew made use of this process 100%. It shows the process of questioning whether or not each team chooses Kim Dong-yoon’s joining and used it as the driving point of audience rating. The producers ‘aggro’ went through. Producer X101, which had not rebounded after the second time with 2.3% of the highest audience rating, recorded its highest rating of 2.5% in the 9th. As a result, the 9th viewership rate was the second highest in the ‘Produce X101’ category.

In the selection of the final debut member, the X system showed a great influence without fail. Unlike the previous series, where the first to eleventh places make their final debut, the final member of Produce X101 became an X trainee instead of 11th place. The cumulative number of votes in the past three months combined with the score of the debut stage were the criteria for selection. Kim Jong-mo, Kim Min-gyu, Lee Jin-hyuk and Lee Eun-sang compete with each other for the last chance, and Lee Eun-sung finally made his debut.

As a result, Kim Min-gyu, who had never been out of the top position in the debut, and Lee Jin-hyuk, who kept up the top spot in the second half, fell out. The dropout of the two trainees who were mentioned as debut members eventually led to several suspicions after the broadcast.

It was X system that was noisy until the last. ‘Producer’, which has not escaped from the label ‘Devil’s Editing’, seems to be hard to erase the feeling that it has laid out a plate to attract attention this time. It was the last inaugural announcement of the birth of a new group, but the remnants that followed were the part of the audience.

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