Geum Dong Hyun performed ‘KEUM DONG HYUN 1st V LIVE’ for the first time on the 6th of the afternoon on C9 Entertainment’s official V LIVE channel.

Geum Dong-hyun, who started live with the theme of ‘Communicating with the fans’ on that day, responded to the fans’ questions in a sincere manner and broadcasted with laughter that melted their hearts.

Geum Dong-hyun, who was loved at Mnet ‘Produce X101’, responded to the most memorable stage when she appeared, “I remember all the stages I performed,” and recalled “Believer,” which was introduced through the position evaluation stage. “I remember Yunsung’s brother and Kukheon’s brotherhood with Ahn and Kim,” he mentioned Hwang Yunseong and Kim Kukheon.

Geum Dong-hyun, who communicated with the fans more closely, expressed enthusiasm for her debut, saying, “I have been practicing hard and taking lessons and have a good day. I have to prepare for the Geumdandan to be more beautiful.”

In particular, Geum Dong-hyun thanked the fans, saying, “I was surprised. I love you.”

In addition, it broke the 300 million hearts within 37 minutes of the start of the bribe, and Geum Dong-hyun showed off his fans’ pledge by showing the ‘Break Heart’.

Geum Dong-hyun, who made her face public through ‘Producer X101’, boasted a heartwarming visual and excellent stage manners, and gained full support from many national producers.

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