In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted on the 18th, ‘Happy Guys’ featured Ha-Ryong Lim, Dong-Geun Yang, Ong Sung-Woo and Kim Min-A. 

First, we talked about Lim Ha-ryong. The two who said they will appear on the ‘365’ day of the Wolhwa mini-series together with Yang Dong-geun showed a lot of caution about the drama, saying, “There are many drama reversals.” 

Yang Dong-geun said, “Knockmant, but a well-made drama,” and actor Lee Joon-hyuk, Nam Ji-hyun, and Kim Ji-soo appeared together, raising questions. In addition, Yang Dong-geun added, “I feel like the drama director and writer are playing games with actors.” 

Announcer Kim Min-ah, a woman named Jang Sung-gyu, said she took the # 1 real sword for two days after appearing in “Walkman.” 
Kim Min-a proved the craze for Kim Min-a, saying, “I don’t know how to have a ripple effect, and I only appeared twice.” 

In response to this, Kim Min-a said, “The weather caster is refined, but it seems like it’s so insane because it’s insane 
.” Hugged.  

Mina Kim, who said that a love call is also coming from a big agency, was the ‘corona 19’ prosecutor. 37.8 degrees of sports athletes interviewed said they were tested at a screening clinic right away. Kim Min-ah said, “If I’m a confirmed person, I think I’ll be a super-preacher, and I’m a little worried that my behavior will be revealed for two weeks because the traffic is revealed.”  

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