The ‘Radio Star’, scheduled to be broadcast on the 18th, was featured with a special feature of ‘Job’s Guys’ starring Lim Ha-ryong, Yang Dong-geun, Min-ah Kim, and Ong Sung-woo. As a special MC, VIXX RAVI was accompanied.

On this day, Ong Sung-woo said he was regretting going on a trip with his family.

Ong Seong-woo said, “When my family was having trouble, my aunts helped me a lot. My aunts collected money and helped me financially.” “My mother said, ‘If I do well later, I must pay back to my aunts.’ “There was a lot left.”

After the debut, there was a family meeting between debuts, and the aunts said, ‘You have a good voice actor, so please send me a trip.’ Of course, I promised to send it. Last year, 13 aunts and aunts went to Danang. Was applauded.

Soonwoong Ong soon proclaimed, “I’m not going to go that way again.”

He said, “I made the wrong choice, not a package, but a free trip. It was too stressful to make a plan with me and my sister and my aunt.” I said. “

Ong Sung-woo added, “When I sleep in the same room as my sister, whenever I sleep, I ask, ‘Is it still the first day. Is it still the second day? Both are exhausted.”

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