‘Weekly Idol’ reveals the entertainment of Red Velvet’s comeback with new song ‘Sonic Sound Wave’ through simultaneous broadcast of MBC Every1 and MBC Music at 5 pm on 28th.

Red Velvet gave off a unique scene in ‘Weekly Idol’ and accepted the shooting scene. In particular, Joey, who is called a princess among the fans of the red velvet’s ending artisan, showed off the end of each field.

Irene, who has decorated the ending of the stage with visuals of all time, has once again created a legend gif with Ipdeokmun, the representative corner of ‘Weekly Idol’. Ipdeokmun is a corner that shows its own charm with improvised dances and facial expressions to the music of different concepts.

Irene opened the ‘Ending Gate’ for the first time as an end craftsman. Irene admired everyone with various dance genres, dance gestures, facial expressions and dazzling visuals. In particular, the ending of Yun Soo-hyun’s ‘Taetae Bay Prize’ witfully filled the scene with applause.

Every time a new album was released, she renewed Mimo Leeds, and Joey, who is called a princess among fans, challenged all the princesses of the world. Among them, she sang the little mermaid and sang “ Part of Your World ”, which cheered not only members but also 3MC (Jo Se-ho, Nam Chang-hee, Kwang-hee). MC Seho generously praised him for saying, “It is okay to photograph the musical mermaid right away.”

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