In the 9th episode of the SBS Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-boo 2 broadcast on February 3 (played by Kang Eun-kyung / Director Yoo In-sik, Lee Bok-bok), Kim Sa-bu (Han Seok-kyu) had a bus rollover accident.

Seo Woojin (Ahn Hyo-seop) was a late kiss to my parents’ death and Chae Jae-jae (Lee Sung-gyeong) was a painful heart to reset everything. With him two past histories were revealed. In the past, Seowoojin vomited during the anatomy practice, when Chaeun-jae, who was afflicted, re-kissed and forgot all. The second reset kiss was witnessed by Koo Jun.

Yang Jun-joon deliberately shared the room with Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae. Kim had a wrist problem and was witnessed by Woo Jin. Bae Moon-Jung (Shin Dong-wook) separately began to learn about Woo-jin’s family history.

Park Min-kuk (Kim Ju-heon) held a weekly meeting, chased by Cha Eun-jae Oh Myung-sim (Jin Kyung-min). Park Min-guk no longer accepts trauma patients and declared that the system would be improved, and Oh Myung-sim, who later found out, said, “The doctor should close the door to avoid the patient because of the money.”

Kim left office without a word, and Seo Woo-jin worried about Kim’s arm and asked his doctor Bae Moon-jeong what happened. Bae Moon-jung said that three years ago, Kim had been injured after injuring her wrist and had to take three weeks after surgery for CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Seo Woojin had other suspicions, and Jung In-soo (Yun Moo-min) tried to keep it secret for the time being, but Yoon Jun overed the conversation.

Oh Myung-sim treated him as a traitor to Jang-tae, who was attached to Park Min-guk. Only Doldam General Staff has 20 people. You, the professions, are many to go, but we are not calling. Don’t make it easy to close the door. ”

When it snowed, Jung In-soo worried that a patient would occur, and a bus on four residents of Park Min-guk headed to Kim Sabu and Doldam Hospital. An accident happened when a woman blocked a bus and asked for help. The woman was surprised, and Kim was alerted on the bus and reported that there were over 12 trauma patients at Doldam Hospital.

Kim was resuscitated with the injured arm to save the pregnant woman, and Park Min-guk, who was late, was surprised by the repeated traffic accident he had encountered three years ago. 

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