C9 Entertainment and Warner Music Japan have signed a contract for a new group, CIX, to work in Japan.

Warner Music Japan is in charge of the Japanese activities of the representative girl group in Korea, and is a major music company representing Japan, which has contributed to the success of the Japanese music market by many artists.

Among the male groups in Korea, CIX highly valued the growth potential of the company and made a debut agreement at the same time as it debuted, and it is more meaningful by promising full support to become a top boy group in Japan.

To this end, Warner Music Japan has set up a dedicated team for CIX activities in Japan, and is preparing to release pre-debut albums as well as launching Japanese fan clubs and showcases before the official debut in Japan.

The company’s C9 Entertainment has become a new partner with a major Japanese company, which will further strengthen CIX’s future global behaviour.

Currently, CIX is expanding its global activities aimed at overseas markets in addition to its activities in Japan. In fact, requests for press such as press showcases, omnibus performances, and festivals are being flooded in many countries.

After five weeks of music broadcasting, ‘M Countdown’ on the 22nd, CIX started the Vietnam Omnibus performance on October 30, Indonesia media showcase on October 4, Omnibus performance on October 25, and November 3 in Germany. It will continue its activities as a global rookie by carrying out Thai press showcases in turn.

C9 Entertainment said, “Keep paying attention to the activities of CIX in the future.”

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