Ryu Soo-young, who has been collecting hot topics for the MBC weekend special project “I Love You Sad” (play Song Jung-lim, directed by Lee Eun-se / Yoo Bum-sang, produced by DK E & M / Hello Contents)

In this photo, the photograph shows Ryu Soo-young enjoying a brisk spring while gazing at the cherry blossoms blooming. He feels gentle charm while putting both hands in his pocket. He looks at the camera with his gentle eyes, and it feels like a charm. It is nice to see Ryu Soo-young, a kind of soft charm rather than ‘Kang In-wook’ with a cool charisma in ‘I love when I’m sad’.

Ryu Soo – young ‘s anti – fascination charm, which is intensely decorated with the Saturday afternoon theater on Saturday, leading to a melancholy melody through the “I love you when I’m sad”, is really enough to catch the eye of the public who waited for his warm and correct image. Particularly in his colorful way of coming and going between the intensity and the sweetness, Ryu’s interest is also attracted to the play of the paleo.

On the other hand, the appearance of Ryu Soo-young standing at the center of the drama, showing new performances every time, can be seen in MBC ‘I love when I’m sad’ at 9:05 every Saturday night.

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