Samuel and sister company Brave Entente have opened a legal studio. Meanwhile, Samuel and the producer Brave Brothers were known to be strong, so netizens are bitter.

Samuel’s lawyer told OSEN on Oct. 10, “Sam Samuel and his agency have been in conflict several times since last year.” The biggest problem between the two sides is the settlement issue and participation in the event not agreed upon.

Samuel’s lawyer said, “We did not receive a proper settlement, and we made it a problem that the settlement is unclear.” There was a story about a couple of times, but there was a conflict between them. The second is related to the virtual money business event related to music contents operated by the representative of Brave Entertainment. Samuel’s lawyer said, “According to the contract, Samuel has a relationship in which his company deals with events and performances according to the contract, shares money when it is paid, and otherwise, it may or may not receive money for public relations activities “Kim Samuel, who was either involved or not at present, was promoted for a separate company that was neither a former agency nor a contractor,” he said.

“I participated in overseas events, took performances, took pictures and photographed a promotional video, but there was no consensus with Kim Samuel regarding the fact that I was promoting them specifically. After that, I got to know about the actual contracts and the profit relationship, so I got to know it later on Sam Samuel side and afterwards I got the accusation that I should participate in the coin event like the fans. The company has repeatedly filed fake contracts, claiming that it was actually a legitimate act. ”

On the other hand, in the afternoon press release, Brave Entertainment said, “Because Samuel was a minor, there was a conflicting opinion between Samuel and his company. I have been informed. ” Our agency said, “Since we signed the exclusive management contract with Samuel in 2014, we have been steadily supporting ourselves as a management company with all the support to date. We have been doing our best in all aspects of management investment and artist growth. “We have maintained a legitimate contract with Samuel and have not taken any unfair treatment, and we will continue to take legal action with Samuel County in due process.”

In this regard Samuel’s mother also opened his mouth. Samuel’s mother said in a press release that “Brave Entertainment has relinquished the trust of the company to the personal business related to the block chain of representatives irrelevant to recent entertainment activities, But it was not corrected and it was notified that the contract had been canceled through legal procedures. Samuel’s mother also said, “After the cancellation of the agreement, we decided that we could not negotiate and coordinate with each other. So, on May 20, Samuel arrived to the office, Samuel told the manager and staff I am leaving because I have informed him that I have not been contacted yet. “” I have lost my contact and have been communicating over the phone several times. did. Samuel and Brave Entertainment are in a sharp confrontation. As the two sides are deeply in conflict, it seems difficult to avoid a court battle. Once upon a time Samuel and Brave Entertainment Chief The Brave Brothers have shown their love for each other. In the past, Samuel said, “I am a company representative but rather a father to me.” The brave brother, Samuel, is a deep-rooted friend. In the meantime, both sides are going to see what ending will happen. The following specializes in Samuel’s position.

I am confused and confused by the unilateral and erroneous official position of Brave Entertainment. I would like to tell you our position based on the facts.

Singer Kim Samuel has been reluctant to relinquish his trust relationship with his agency and has been reluctant to leave the company. He did not want to lose his company’s image and wanted to close his relationship with the company quietly. I am writing to the effect that I am trying to correct the content of the article which is not true.

Brave Entertainment recently challenged Samuel to a personal business involving a block chain that was not related to entertainment activities. He broke the trust of the company with the false and forcible involvement of the protector and broke the trust of the company. I have notified the contract termination through the legal process and finished the schedule as far as possible.

After notifying the contract, it was decided that it could not be discussed and coordinated with each other. So, on May 20, Samuel received Samuel from the company after informing his manager and employees that he would go to the US for his training. .

The lack of contact is unfounded, and we have communicated over several calls.

As a mother, I am saddened that the truth is so distorted that Samuel, a minor, is being hurt.

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