Short form drama ‘Agricultural Academy (Director Kim Da-young)’ co-produced by SBS Moby Dick and Free Kong is coming back to Season 2.

The ‘Agricultural Academy’, which was well-received for drawing various campus stories of youths and boys gathered at Korea’s only National University of Agriculture and Fisheries, confirmed the production of Season 2. As in Season 1, A-Pink Yoon Bo-mi, Se-won actor Lee Tae-hwan, and Lee Min-ji star, and new students Lee Jong-won and Choi Ji-soo join.

Lee Tae-hwan said, “I’m happy to be with the director, writer and actors once again. I will work hard to be a happy memory once again.” He expressed his feelings of joining the ‘Agricultural Academy’ season 2, and Yoon Bo-mi said, “Season 1 Thank you so much for the love that came together again. Something is really good to meet friends after the start of the vacation, “he said.

In ‘Agricultural Academy Season 2’, Tin (Lee Tae-hwan), Hanbyeol (Yoon Bo-mi), and Eugene (Lee Min-ji), who were freshmen in Season 1, will be drawn into the third grade and consider the future after graduation.

Eun Ji-hyang, PD, producer of responsible role for ‘Agricultural Academy Season 2’, said, “First and foremost, the chemistry of the production team and actors is perfect drama. I feel blessed that I joined as a producer in season 2. It will be a clean drama without MSG.” Explained the expectation.

Meanwhile, ‘Agricultural Academy’ Season 2 confirmed the crank-in on August 14.

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