The same attire of Jin Ji Ju and Kim Jae Kyung focuses attention.

In the SBS drama “I Love You” (directed by Lee Kwang-young / dramatic Kim Jae-jeong / production Beyond Jay), which will be broadcasted today (4th), Jinji (Jeonggalhei) and Kim Jae-kyung (Veronica Park) are dressed equally from head to toe. Notice, and excitement.

Jung Kang-hee (Jin Ji-hui) has been deceiving himself as Veronica Park (Kim Jae-kyung) in front of Dumickik (Kim Young-kwang) She started a double life with the curiosity of “how to act in front of another woman”, and the more she grew up to her, the more she could not turn back the double life.

Meanwhile, today (4th) broadcasts, Jeong Kang-hee and Veronica Park, who imitate Veronica Park, form a strange current on the pole. The style of the two is perfectly the same. Two of the photos in the public eye, from hair styles to earrings and fashion, look like a doppelganger.

In addition, Jeong Kang-hee looks at Veronica Park with a rather unfair expression, while Veronica Park speaks firmly with a firm expression, causing curiosity about what happens between the two.

In addition, Dae Myung-ik suddenly raised the blood pressure of the real Veronica Park’s face, so I look at the change of life in the dual life of jeongtaek jeonggahyeon expectations are gathering for this broadcast.

“I love you in the first place,” the production team, “Veronica Park’s dual life of Jeong Kang-hee, noticed that today, please expect to broadcast,” he said meaningfully.

On the other hand, 19th and 20th episodes will be broadcasted at 9:55 pm in the relay broadcasting of ‘2019 FIFA U-20 Men’s World Cup’ in the SBS wall drama ‘I love you in the first place’ where exciting Jeong Ganghee and Veronica Park meet.

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