SBS new gold drama ‘Vaga Bond’ Lee Seung-ki’s basin unveiled ‘Sim Kung Two Shot’ set against a beautiful Moroccan beach, raising the expectation for the drama.

SBS’s new Golden Drama “ VAGABOND ” (played by Jang Young-cheol Jeong, Kyung In-soon and director Celltrion Entertainment Park Jae-sam), which will be broadcast on September 20, will be aired on September 20 following the “ Doctor Johan ”. The drama unearths a huge national corruption found in the truth. It is a spy action marshmallow with risky and naked adventures of the vagrants who lost their family, belonging and even their name.

Lee Seung-ki played the role of a zealous stuntman Cha Dal-gun, who dreamed of creasing the action film world using Jackie Chan as a role model. . The two are caught up in a vortex of unprecedented events after the plane crash, but sometimes they struggle together to find out the hidden truths.

In this regard, a tense ‘two shot’ was captured, standing on a Moroccan beach where Lee Seung-gi and the basin glowed, with a meaningful expression and eyes. Lee wins his face with a wounded face, sits in front of a red jeep with a broken car body, and looks devastated. On the other hand, the drainage with Nikap on her head is looking at Lee Seung Gi with a feeling of tightness and worry. There are many questions about why two people came together and the story of the conflict they are experiencing.

Lee Seung-gi’s ‘Dung Fu Shot’ was shot on a Moroccan beach. The two men showed a serious attitude to constantly check and add lines and lines in order to accurately and impactfully express the main stream of the play. In particular, the two people led the admiration of the scene with the natural chemistry of the couple who have been constantly breathing, since the reunion after six years since the old book of Kuga.

When he entered the film, Lee Seung-gi expressed Chadall Gun in despair and anger in front of an incredible reality. The orange glow of the Moroccan beaches combines the exotic scenery of the beaches with the brilliant visuals of the two, creating a cinematic two-shot.

Production company Celltrion Entertainment said, “The beautiful scene of Morocco combined with the two people’s passions that made everyone breathlessly created a more satisfying scene.” Said

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