‘Doctors’ Ji Sung – Lee Se-young – Lee Kyu-hyung ‘three-color character poster’ was released.

The new SBS drama ‘Doctor John’ is a human medical drama that tells the story of pain medicine doctors for the first time in Korea to find the cause of mysterious pain.

The actor who has strong acting ability such as Ji Sung Lee-Se-young-Lee Kyu-hyung-Hwang Hee-Jung Min Ah-Kim Hye-eun-Shin Dongmyu-Ahn Hyo-seop and Seung Hyun Oh show ‘sensational visual beauty in’ I hear your voice ‘,’ Pinocchio ‘ Check ‘by Cho Su-won, and Kim Ji-woon’s writer are attracting attention.

The characters who lead the ‘Doctor John’ such as Ji Sung – Lee Se – young – Lee Kyu – hyeong and others are showing ‘Character Poster’ which expresses the personality of each character, raising expectations. Ji Sung – Lee Se – young – Lee Kyu – hyung ‘s palm – faced palm is drawn in a glass with water droplets.

First of all, the doctor who is called ‘Doctor 10 seconds’ is not a genius but a genius doctor. As a result, his mind is focused on gentle yet gentle smiles and trustworthy eyes. The eye of the intellect and the phrase “The reason the patient suffers is because the doctor does not do anything” coincided with the phrase, and the aspect of the actor John, who devotes much to the patient and puts forth his best efforts, is revealed.

Lee Se-young of Kang Si-young, who is a do-it-yourself doctor who sympathizes with the patient’s pain, gives a warm and bright smile with warm feelings while keeping his palms on the glass like a greeting. Lee said, “Doctors do not fix ‘illness’. It responds to the patient’s pain and focuses on the emotions of the patient, expressing the smile of Kang Si-young’s bright smile as the phrase “Heal the person with the disease”.

Lee Kyu-hyung, who plays the role of “Sonok Seogi” who does not allow any exceptions, stare at the outside of the glass with a cold, dry eyes. “A doctor’s hand is a double-edged sword, it can be both the hand of God and the hand of a god.” It is the charisma of the noble stone that will open up the confusion between the mind and the edge without the gap of the fingernails.

Especially, Ji Sung – Lee Se – young – Lee Kyu – hyung ‘s “Doctor John” character poster overwhelms my eyes with three characters, Chayohan – Kang Si – young – Son Seok – ki, each with their palms touching the glass, .

The crew said, “We wanted to contain the fate and meaningful feelings of each character in the ‘Doctor John’ Ji Sung – Lee Se – young – Lee Kyu – hyung character poster,” said Ji – sung, who will lead the doctor John, who first deals with anesthesiologists in Korea. Lee Kyu-hyung, the story will unfold three people to see what the contents, “he said.

The new SBS drama ‘Doctor John’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Friday, 19th.

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