On November 11, KBS Cool FM ‘Eun Jung Soo, Nan Chang Hee’s Mr Radio’ appeared in the drama ‘Eun Ji Won’, a new song ‘Furunbang’.

On that day, Eun Ji-won said, “Song Min-ho made it for me.” He originally worked alone with the producers while moving his company. I was very thankful that the producers made me the perfect song for me, and Song Min Ho is one of them. ”

He also said ,” Do you really want to run a restaurant like this? “I do not think I will run it myself, it’s too hard,” he said, “now I can not tell you what to bring to the restaurant, I do not want to go to the kitchen to get dishes or side dishes. “With

regard to the new performing art that Kim Jong-min has taken, he said,” It is not earnest, but I bought a house in the country and live for a year.

Then, “The producer asked me what I would like to do in the country, and Kim Jong-min told me about the beekeeping. “What do you think of the beekeepers?” Nam Chang-hee asked, “Are you two coming out of your body now?” “It’s Kim Jong-min talking about beekeeping. I do not do it. ” Also, Yun Jung-soo said, “Do you and Kim Jong-min sleep together? I used to sleep with Eun Ji in the past, but it was not easy. “Eun Ji-won said,” The sleeping is unique. I sit down and open my eyes and sleep. It also makes sure that you are sleeping. When I was playing ‘1 night and 2 days’, the production crew laughed when I sat down to sleep and said,

And the answer is “I am unique but I also felt that this is really strange.” I answered “Min-ho Song” and said, “I do not know what you are thinking. The mental world is the artist itself. I draw a picture really well. I am a unique but really unique and wonderful friend. ”

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