Song Joong-ki – Song Hye-kyo’s divorce announcement has been around for a week, but it is still getting hot attention. After the news of divorce, a media reported that Song Jung-ki’s father had removed photographs of Song Hye-kyo from his home in Daejeon, which was decorated and managed in the form of a museum.

The section TV crew searched for Daejeon for confirmation. The residents expressed their regret, saying, “I removed the photo immediately the next day.”

Song Jung-ki – Song Hye-kyo’s divorce news Tangbai Gangwon was also in trouble. The Taebaek city, which has been promoting various tourism businesses based on the drama ‘Dawn of the Sun’, was scheduled to hold the third Taebaek Couple Festival this year, but canceled the event because of their divorce.

But Taehu Park will remain in the future. An official of Taebaek city said, “Since the drama ‘Dawn of the Sun’ motif is used to set up and operate the Taehu Park and drama set, there is no plan to demolish it because the Song Song has broken up. “He said.

Song Jung – gi – Song Hye Kyo divorce news more details tonight at 11:05 MBC ‘section Entertainment Entertainment TV’ will be broadcast.

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