Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, who is preparing for archery, and Twice who became a archery female warrior wearing costume of ‘Hunger Game’ raised expectations for archery.

Twice Dahyun said, “I will work with a lot of preparedness.” Tzuyu challenged the archery goddess by saying, “I was surprised” about the four consecutive 10-point scenes shown in the last competition.

Jang Won-young of Aizu One challenged the helmet and was supported by Aizu One members. The pitching game that started with Berrygood’s Cho Hyun pitched with a quick and perfect posture from ITZY’s foresight and Red Velvet’s wisdom. Jang Won-young, who went on in turn, showed the helmet with the support of the members and fans. Expectations were high for the results that seemed to be in thinning.

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