On the 3rd, SBS Plus ‘Kim Soo-mi eats?’

On the day, Seo Dong-joo, who is a lawyer in the US and a broadcaster in Korea, appeared. He has been a lawyer for a well-known law firm for two years, and he said honestly that he wanted to go to a stable place for money independence shortly after divorce.

Suh Dong-joo confessed about divorce. He married a Korean-American with a fun Korean matchmaker and concluded his marriage in five and a half years, and revealed it through SNS. About the reason for divorce, Seo Dong-ju said, “There are a lot of complex things. It was a very bad thing that I also studied hard and lived. “I decided to divorce because I felt like it might disappear and I could wait before I found my life.”

He also went through a divorce of his parents at a similar time, he said, “It wasn’t wrong in the morning.

Suh Dong-joo carefully responded to the question of who he understood more at the time of his parents’ divorce. “My mom was very tired, I was alone, I had no friends, and I was always in the shadow of my dad and there was no one to help me around.” “I didn’t testify about my dad’s behavior at the time of my parents’ divorce. I just said that I was right in the process of checking my statement. I never testified in court.”

On this day, Seo Dong-ju said about his childhood memories with his parents: “There are many things that are not good, but only a lot of good things are left. “It doesn’t represent all my memories.”

“It’s been a long time since I hadn’t contacted my father Se-won,” he said. He added, “I hope I’m just happy without seeing my dad.”

Subsequently, Seo Dong-joo said about the recent situation of his mother, Seo Jung-hee. Kim Soo-mi expected Seo Jung-hee’s twilight romance, and Seo Dong-joo said, “Mom is popular. In addition, Seo Dong-joo is the opposite of Seo Jung-hee, but she is a friend who understands and relies on each other more than anyone else.

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