Casey appeared on MBC ‘s rewritten chart show on the 12th, where he is in the top spot, and set a stage for Hyun Jin Young’ s sad mannequin with Giant Pink.

Casey said on the day before, “I tried to change the giant pink and the sad mannequin into a ‘smiling mannequin’.” But when the story of the dance came out, I laughed and wondered.

Hyun Jin-young said, “I practiced practicing and I almost caught my neck.” Casey shouted, “I practiced while I was practicing.”

Casey and Giant Pink’s dance practice video was released. Casey practiced repeatedly to compensate for his poor dance skills. In order to solve the heavy atmosphere, I also approached my senior Hyun Jin Young first.

The ‘sad mannequin’ stage, which started in a warm atmosphere, overwhelmed the audience from the introduction. Casey, who captivated audiences with an enchanting voice, showed off her dance skills hidden in a brilliant step with a sense of practice. Casey’s unique treble shone at the end of the song. In front of the stage, I was proud of the stage manners where I felt the warmth of the audiences as well as the audience.

After their performance, Hyun Jin-young said, “It’s not a song 29 years ago, but I thought my younger juniors dressed up nicer than me, and I thought,” Why did not I do that?

As a result of the exit survey, seven out of ten audiences chose Casey and the giant pink stage. Hyun Jin Young, Casey, and Giant Pink smiled and were satisfied with their grades.

On the other hand, Casey, who came back with a new single “Song with a heart” on 28th of last month, played the song of the new song directly and showed the singer-songwriter’s appearance without regret. Casey’s unique lyrical sensibility and unusual voice singing, a new song, “a song filled with sincerity” led to the acclaim of “believing and listening vocalist.”

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