At the same time, he plans to offer talk and fun as the nickname “Beautician,” in the flow of consciousness.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ is scheduled to be broadcasted on Wednesday, December 12 at 11:05 pm. It will be featured as ‘Good Friends to Meet’ starring Eun Ji Won, Kyu Hyun, Winner Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Jin Ho.

Eun Ji-won says that he is worried about installing CCTV in his home and he is surprised everyone. He showed the unusual sleeping habits through the broadcast program. He woke up and said he was trapped in a wooden room and even cried out, “Please save me!” I am curious as to what happened to him.

In the meantime, Eun Ji Won has heard the studio as a ritual flow talk. He showed me a comfortable guest in the world that I have not seen before, because I do not understand that he is afraid of ‘Las’. The back door that MCs heard both hands in his charm that can not catch. He even tried to force him to videotape.

In addition, Eun Jiwon announces a solo comeback and collects the expectation. After the 5th album ‘PLATONIC’ in 2009, he announced the solo regular album release in 10 years.

Then Eun Ji-won tells him that it is difficult to deal with juniors. However, Kyu-hyun is an exception. In front of Kyuhyun, he often showed disorganized appearance and showed a strong friendship between the two.

Eun Ji-won, known as “the representative dancer of the entertainment industry,” confesses his life as a house stone for several months rather than a few days. While everyone is amazed at his unexpected life, he plans to add fun as he mentions the lessons learned from the game.

Eun Ji Won is not only laughing, but also will impress. Eun Ji-won, who had an unexpected tear button, confessed to the heartbreaking anecdote that he had separated from the dog while he was referring to various stories. It is said that everyone was impressed by the story of a movie like that.

The ‘ritual’ of the ‘beauty’ Eun Jiwon can be confirmed through ‘Radio Star’ which is broadcasted at 11:05 pm on Wednesday the 12th.

On the other hand, ‘Radio Star’ is loved by a unique talk show that unleashes the real story by disarming the guest with the intention of the MC who does not know where to go.

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