In the MBC talk show ‘Bae Chul-soo Jam (Jam)’, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of 3rd afternoon, the guest singers Jung Mi-jo and Lee Jang-hee were depicted talking with MC Bae Chul-soo and Lee Hyun-yi.

On the day, Lee Jang-hee said, “I liked motorcycles when I was young.

“I lost my mind and woke up for a while, and my teeth were gone. The next morning I went to the hospital for treatment, and my teeth came out of my upper lip. He said, “he explained the reason for growing a mustache.

As a result, the eyes of Bae Chul-soo with a mustache like Lee Jang-hee were also attracted. Bae Chul-soo said, “I wasn’t trying to grow it, but I was worried that I had a beard. I looked at the mirror one day and I thought it was okay to have a beard. did.

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