In the SBS MTV ‘The Show’ broadcast on the 24th, Bigton, Seonghwa, and Yeejun Lee ranked first, while Seonghwa took the first place.

“I thanked Jellyfish family members and made this album really hard. I loved and thought about the members of the multiplication group. Thank you.”

Also, on this day’s broadcast, the comeback stage of Sejung was revealed. Recently, Jung Soo, who returned to the first mini-album ‘Flower Pot’, showed off a refreshing performance on the stage of the song ‘Flips’ written and composed.

Next, Bigton captured the fan mind with the ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Howling’ stages where sexy and chic performances stand out, and Everglow showed off a girl crush charm with the ‘Player’ stage that was featured in ‘The Show’.

Particularly, on this day’s broadcast, the trot trio Hwang Yun-sung, Na Tae-joo, and Kim Soo-chan, who were greatly loved by appearing in ‘Mr. Trot’, attracted attention.

First, Hwang Yun-sung showed Park Sang-cheol’s ‘jaok-ah’ with intense performance and caught the eye. Hwang Yun-sung boasted a warm visual like an idol and created a new ‘jaok-ah’.

Next, ‘Taekwon Trot’, which combines Taekwondo and Trot, continued the stage of Nataeism, which impressed the strong presence of the public. From the beginning, Tae-joo Na, a trademarked Taekwon performance, caught the eyes of viewers and showed a passionate stage barefoot.

Kim Soo-chan, who is called ‘Trook of the Trotter’, appeared in a different costume with a royal ribbon and sang ‘Love Solver’. Kim Soo-chan snipered the fan mind with his extraordinary excitement and charm. 

Meanwhile, on ‘The Show’, DONGKIZ, EVERGLOW, VICTON (Bigton), Kim Soo-chan, Nataeju, Dreamcatcher, Seonghwa, Alexa (LleXa), Lee Ye-jun, Jeong Dong-ha, Kissum, Favorite, Hong Eun-ki, and Hwang Yun-sung made colorful stages.

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