6pm on October 13th Yiwu will release a music video teaser video of the single ‘My Best Friend’ on the SNS channel.

Yiwoo is proud of the next generation ballad by stimulating the emotions and consensus of the public with his distinctive tenderness and realistic lyrics through ‘My Best Friend’.

In the music video to be released, Yiwoo will show an upgraded acting ability by showing the figure of a sweet lover playing a guitar or catching a woman turning around.

Singer Song, who has been steadily maintaining his top spot in the main music charts with his “Nee News,” is expected to show up as a special guest.

Yiwoo boasts a wide spectrum of music in the TVN ‘studio’, and has been consistently loved as an album with various charms such as ‘Yong Il’ (010), ‘If you can smile again’, and ‘Confession’.

Yiwu’s ‘My Best Friend’, which is showing content sequentially, will be released through various sound source sites at 6 pm on the 16th.

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