Shin Hee-rye, a viewer at “ My sister’s Rice Long, ” boasted a pleasant talk.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Sister Nong Long’, which aired on the 3rd afternoon, viewers appeared as clients and dreamed of makeover.

It was Mr. Shin Hee-rye who was in charge of the grandchildren’s childcare. His daughter, Jo Su-kyung, said, “As you care for your two sons, you are wearing only achromatic and comfortable clothes every day.

Shin Hee-rye told me that she lives as a married couple while she is living with her daughter’s house while she is in charge of childcare for her daughter-in-law. Jo Se-ho joked, “Is your father happy during the week?”

Shin Hee-rye replied, “In the old days, it was possible for a couple to save their country in the past life.”

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