The MBC entertainment program ‘Sister Nong Long’ which was broadcasted on the 3rd was featured by viewers.

The first client is Handeul, a high school history teacher in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do. Handall, a first-time teacher, said that after passing the exam, he became interested in fashion and turned to ‘sister malong’.

Han Hye-yeon proposed ‘boy’s look’ as the first style. Han Hye-yeon, who emphasized the soft image, gave a red knit point. The second boyfriend looks with a check coat. Mr. Handul, who has transformed into the second style, added a cute feeling than before. The last style is chic. It was a black knit, leather jacket, and long black coordination with a long coat.

Next we headed to the hairroom. Mr. Handul said, “It’s okay to shave.” Cha Hong decided to give him a ‘comma head’ that he could not concentrate on studying.

Lee Bae presented a makeup that can make a clear impression on Mr. Handle. Lee diagnosed that his eyes could be drowsy, unlike Mr. Handul’s raised eyebrows, so he arranged the eyebrows neatly.

After the whole process, Mr. Handul was completely transformed. Mr. Handul was satisfied with the 180 degree change.

The second client is Shin Hee-rye, a grandmother with a working mom daughter. It was like a gift from daughter Jo Su-kyung for Shin Hee-rye, who has been in charge of the care of his grandchildren.

Shin Hee-rye said, “I’m not good at decorating because I’m bothered to eat old.” Shin Hee-rye’s wannabe was Kim Sung-ryong and Kim Hee-ae.

Han Hye-yeon’s first look is a style with a vest added to the long dress with a calm pattern. Even with just one piece of clothes, Mr. Rae changed into a luxury. He then recommended bright trench coats and colorful patterns, suggesting changes to Shin Hee-rye, who wore dark colors.

Lee Bae gave a fresh and moist basic makeup for Shin Hee-rye, who has a red face. At the same time, she made makeup with a natural and luxurious concept like Kim Hee-ae, a wannabe of Shin Hee-rye. At the touch of Lee, Shin Hee-rye transformed gracefully. Lee Bae added a luxurious charm with a glow of rose lipstick. Shin Hee-rye said, “I don’t think I am.”

Finally headed to the hairroom. Shin Hee-rye had trouble with thin hair. Cha Hong began to focus on short hair styling, focusing on less irritating the scalp.

The family went out for Shin Hee-rye, who was completely transformed. Shin’s husband prepared a bouquet and welcomed him. As soon as Shin Hee-rye, who turned 180 degrees, appeared, her family and panelists were crying.

Shin Hee-rye hugged her daughter Sukyung and said, “I was suffering.” Sukyung read the letter prepared for Ms. Rhee and conveyed her feelings that had not been expressed.

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