Som Hye-in said on December 12 through her SNS “It’s coming out. I’m gay,” he said, he is a ‘bisexual’ and currently dating his girlfriend.

Som Hye-in has already announced coming out through SNS on 31st of last month. Som Hye-in said, “I actually have a very very very pretty girlfriend. I am bisexual and have a girlfriend.” On the 11th, I posted a picture of affection, such as holding my hand or kissing my face with the words, “My Pretty Girl, My Lovely Girl!”

The fact that you are a bisexual is not wrong. However, as a celebrity eats the public’s attention and always needs to be at the center of the public’s attention, ‘coming out’ is not easy. However, born in 1996, Som Hye-in, who is 24 years old, shouted “I am bisexual” out of the world.

Som Hye-in came out proudly because she was not ashamed of anyone and wanted to hide her love. Som Hye-in, who says she will be praised and criticized for her coming out, says: “People have different ideas and can hate homosexuality. Yes, you can hate it. “I wasn’t begging me to like me and asking me to know me. I didn’t know I would get so much attention, I just didn’t want to hide my love and love just like others.”

“I’ve come out because I loved it and it wasn’t wrong, but I didn’t come out to catch people’s eyes. Who makes it out so lightly?” He expressed his conviction and warned, “I will continue to dispose of speculative articles and videos.”

Som Hye-in, who knows and understand Mnet’ own sexual orientation or gender identity, said, “I hope my people are not hurt and I have a duty to protect.” I will respond legally. ”

Som Hye-in appeared in Mnet audition ‘Idol School’ in 2017, but she got off on her own for the health reasons. At the time of the appearance of ‘Idol School’, he was also caught in the controversy of school violence. Recently, he released his first single ‘Mini Radio’ under the name ‘Somhaein’.

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