Song Eun-yi neglects Shin Bong-seon, his No. 1 entertainer, at the celebrity five new song music video. Shin Bong-seon’s dissatisfaction is said to be congested, causing her to burst into laughter.

On the 67th of MBC’s ‘Blindness Interview Point’ (Plan Kang Young-sun / Director Park Chang-hoon, Kim Sun-young), which will be broadcast on the 31st, Shin Bong-sun, who complains to his representative Song Eun-I, will be revealed.

Song Eun-I, Shin Bong-Seon, Ahn Young-Mi and Kim Shin-Young in the public photos show off their pure and refreshing fairy visuals. The four people admire it more than ever before to make their new music video shoot and shout “We are a girl group!”

Among them, Song Eun-Ie expects to play a role of one-person and three-way between the shooting manager, director and idol. He is the manager who takes care of driving and cares for the members, the director who helps the members understand with the detailed direction during the shooting, and the eleven members as celeb five members.

At the same time, Shin Bong-Seon foretells Song Eun-yi’s two faces, which draws attention. She says, “Let’s do it all.” She said that her representative, Song Euni, took care of herself only when there was a camera. As you can see, Song Eun-Ie who captures Shin Bong-seon in front of the camera is captured and makes people look at him.

Song Eun-I, who crosses managers, directors and idols at the music video shooting site, can be seen through the ‘All-Order Point of View’ broadcast on the 31st.

On the other hand, ‘All-Oriented Point of View’ is a full-blown entertainment program that observes secret daily life of celebrities and close friends, and broadcasts every Saturday night at 11:05 with Lee Young-ja, Jeon Hyun-moo, Song Eun-yi, Yang Se-hyun, and Yoo Byung-jae. .

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