I heard that Sung-Bum Kang’s son, who dreams of being a soccer player, has no talent for soccer.

In MBC ‘Study Money?’, Aired on March 27, Kang Seong-beom, the son of a comedian who dreams of becoming a soccer player, showed strong test results.

On this day, the strong conclusion was that the soccer player is a dream, and he expressed a big ambition, “I want to be a mesh. I want to go to Barcelona.”

However, Kang Seong-beom said frankly, “I sent him to a soccer class in the past, but he didn’t have the talent.”

These rich people decided to take the test. The expert said, “There are of course some friends who are worse than this, but none of them have dreams of soccer players.”

He said, “It will require more than ten times more effort than others, and three times more than others.”

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