Actor Sulli is interested in returning to the second series of the Netflix original film Persona.

On the afternoon of July 27, Sullley’s SM Entertainment official told Starnews that “Sullie is discussing the appearance of the second series of the Netflix original film Persona.”

This April ‘persona’ published through Netflix is ​​yigyeongmi, Yim Pil-Sung, the former fine, Packs of four directed to the original series singer Yoon Jong Shin consists of a total of four short films bundles Nancy released a persona Lee, Ji-Eun (IU) with different eyes Planned.

Yoon Jong-shin said in the persona production report, “In the future,” Persona will continue to be a different actor and a different director. “It will continue.”

Sully has appeared in the entertainment program “ Affliction Night ” since the movie “ Real ” (director director) released in 2017 and met with viewers. Indeed, Sully is interested in whether he will appear in ‘Persona 2’ following his best friend Lee Ji-eun.

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