JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Know Your Brother’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Hyung’), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of August 8, depicted a visit to Seonggyu X Gangnam X Lee Kyung-ga as a transfer student.

Sung-gyu said, “It was global on January 8.” Sung Kyu then challenged the scorpion dance, an Infinite trademark. But he failed to show awkward appearance. I tried again, but it looked awkward and made me laugh.

My brothers asked Gangnam what had changed since they got married. Gangnam said, “I have a sense of stability. I want to go home quickly.”

Gangnam said, “I performed choreographing with the ulallassession martial arts brother. I danced skating at the wedding ceremony.” “After marriage, my brothers are more sad.”

Gangnam said, “I didn’t want to come to know my brother. I have a trauma.” He said, “I appeared on a shy show, but Hodong said, ‘How old are you?’ So I said ’32 years old. ‘

Sung-gyu said he lived a military life like Onyu and Jo Kwon. He said, “Ho-dong is a style that gives a lot of opportunities to those who are good at it. But if you give it a chance, you will become a hopi.” Gang Ho Dong embarrassed me again.

Lee said that he was Lee Soo-keun line. “When I was in trouble, I texted him and said, ‘Don’t drink, don’t think about anything else.’

Lee said, “I haven’t received one won from my father. I haven’t been helped since I was eighteen years old.”

Seong-gyu and Lee Kyung-gyeong confronted a sit-up. Sung Kyu has 29 rust and stamina. However, Lee did 34 games, defeating Sung Kyu and ending the sit-up confrontation with victory.

Lee Lee-kyung revealed the story that he told Son Heung-min to “pass me only” with “I made Son Heung-min laugh”. “Actually, physical is not a joke,” he said. Lee Soo-keun added, “I am close to Koo Ja-chul, but Ku Ja-cheol said, ‘Heung-min is a different player.'” Lee kyung-kyeong “Sung Heung-min, I want to get acquainted,” he sent a video letter.

Gangnam revealed the reaction of her embarrassed mother when she was dating Ganghwa. Then he showed a happy figure by the mother-in-law and the father-in-law. Gangnam opened the temple twice to the story of Tae Jinah.

Sung-gyu said that the smell of fart was the same as what he thought was ‘strange’ in the military. Afterwards, Kang said that the sky was calling ‘congratulations of Kim Byeong-gi’. He said, “The sky is very kind. Take care of this person. He gave you ear as a soldier.” Seong-kyu cheered for “junior soldiers” to juniors and others in the military.

The enthusiasm scholarship quiz that began with Eunhyuk’s senior “ Step by Step Avi Step ” ended with the victory of Lee Su-keun and Lee Lee-kyung. The 2nd Class Mix Music Quiz was maintained in the first place by Kim Hee-chul and Min Kyung-hoon. However, Lee Sang-min’s Seong-gyu team came in first with 2020 points.

Meanwhile, Jang Sung-kyu of the employment counseling office proposed a bad luck battle. Sleepy said, “I’ll start weak.” “I lived in a room without boilers,” he said. Jang Seong-gyu listened to this and said, “It should be a rooftop room.”

Jeong Se-wooun said, “We’re taking the third job counseling room. But I don’t have my picture.” Sleepy said, “Are you not grateful for fixing?” Jang said, “I took three years to take it over there.”

“I’m a singer, but people don’t know if I’m a singer,” Sleepy said. “I’ve never been to a song festival.” Shin Dong-do, who listened to this, said, “I’m sorry when I write it as a singer in the job section.”

Sleepy said, “The complaint came a few days ago.” After that, “one more lawsuit is in progress” wedges and won the bad luck battle.

Sleepy was in the silver world cup. He chose Lee Sang-min first. But instead of Lee Sang-min, he chose a writer in charge. “It’s my first friend, but it looks the same with me,” he said. “It looks the same with my sister.”

Sleepy chose BTS Jean as a benefactor instead of dog fury. He laughed, saying, “I will understand Fury.” But Sleepy chose his best friend, Dean Dean. He said, “Mr. Dean is deep inside. I almost came to a real man. At that time, Dean was in my seat and said,” I’m not going to sleepy. “

On the other hand, ‘Knowing Brother’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Brother’) is an entertainment program that aims to play all the world’s games in reason, loss, instinct, and faithful brother’s school. 9:00 pm every Saturday.

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