Singer Sun-mi shared her desire to become a KPOP artist with the number one billboard.

KBS2 ‘Entertainment Broadcasting’, which aired on the afternoon of 30th, recently depicted a stern guerrilla interview that made a comeback with the new song ‘Nalarari.

SUNMI had a guerrilla date at 10 pm on the Han River, worried that a lot of people would come, but there were a lot of fans with Stern at late hours.

Sunmi said, “It is good to see a lot of people up close.” “Hangang was only passing by when you schedule, there was not a lot of opportunities.

Sunmi cheered on the number one chart and had a good time talking with her fans. In particular, Sunmi promised a congratulatory note on the news that the fans she met on the music broadcast said, “But you have to be on stage with me.”

Sunmi, who became the first female solo artist in Korea to conduct a world tour in 18 cities †, became a 13-year debut singer. Sunmi debuted at the age of 16 as a Wonder Girls, watching her previous videos and saying, “I was innocent when I was Wonder Girls, but I didn’t really do it.”

“I didn’t know how fast this time was going. I debuted so young that I’m 28 now,” he said.

When asked if there is a junior to look at, he said, ITZY said, “I think I should show more than those friends.”

Lastly, Sunmi expressed her hope that “the Korean artist who is the No. 1 billboard will come out.

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