Adults also grow up. When you are experiencing trial and error and someone is better than before, there is a possibility that the world and the world will change.

Ganghodong, 50 years old this year, is growing together with the trendy entertainment program ‘Kang Restaurant 3’. He proved himself immersed in the reality of performing real restaurant management and cooking missions, and once again humanism that TV can present to viewers.

On the 19th, TVN ‘Kang Restaurant 3’ was followed by Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Keun, Eun Ji Won, Ahn Jae Hyun, Super Junior Kyu Hyun, Winner Song Min Ho and Block B Pio. Kang Ho Dong captured an accidental encounter with a fan, .

On this day, while looking around the restaurant, Ganghodong met a female guest who was his fan for 20 years. The mother of a middle-aged mother who came here with her son said, “I was sick for a long time, and I woke up at the bedside looking at” 1 night and 2 days. “One of my bucket list was Kang Ho- I released it.

Kang Ho – dong ‘s unique and warm response led to the vitality of the tube. As soon as he returned to the kitchen, he suddenly tears. He said he was “not a menopause” but he could not conceal the humanness of his fans because of his fans.

Kang Ho-dong calculated the food value of the fans instead of waiting for the moment the fans ate out all the food and dumped him away. He expressed his gratitude again, “I do not know why my mother is tearful of praise,” and the scene was engraved as a legend of “Kang Restaurant” series.

It was no different from the documentary, because there was no falsehood of hope. The camera pulled the face of Kang Ho Dong, unable to speak, with his head down, in a quiet close-up. The subtitles of the broadcasts were fussy and conveyed only the sincere heart of Kang Ho Dong. Sometimes, Nyeongseok PD’s style of expression contemplates music, people and landscapes without exception.

Above all, the emotional involvement of Kang Ho-dong, a professional broadcasting company, which is often influenced and appreciated by viewers, played a big part. He has been working diligently and skillfully in domestic broadcasting for a long time.

Therefore, the crying of Ganghodong is a jangmam-do due to personal tendency, not postponement and directing, and unfortunately it tends to encourage the consumers’ desire to stop at the Kang Restaurant 3 once. The purpose of the program, the cast of the performers, and the response of the guests to the three-banged righteousness of the ‘Kang Restaurant 3’ is a special feature.

Viewers are now expressing their new preferences and support for Kang Ho Dong through program bulletin boards, clip videos, and online communities. Gang Ho-dong is not a unilateral CRT reign, but it is the reason why it has been doing a long time due to continuous communication with viewers.

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