On the 21st, KBS 2TV ‘Undying Masterpiece-Sing Legend’ was featured on Sindong. 

In the first order of the day, the musical prodigy Ahn So-myeong and the musical actor Kim So-hyun were called. Ahn So-myeong said about Kim So-hyun, “It’s a great person. It has everything. I can’t seem to be able to follow the ability to immerse the audience when I sing.” Kim So-hyun said the reason for the recommendation, saying, “I did a musical ‘Emperor Myeongseong’ with So-myeong Yang, but I was so surprised to sing the song solo without shaking the pitch.” 

Somyeong Ahn & Sohyun Kim set up the stage with the ‘Golden Star’ of the musical ‘Mozart!’ It was heavenly harmony. Ahn So-myeong’s rich sensibility and expressiveness caught his eye. Nam Sang-il said, “I thought that adults should think about it.” Hong Zam-Eun said, “I must go to that house in one word.” Announcer Choi Seung-don said, “The lyrics are good, and the feeling is so good that I was impressed when I saw a musical.” 

Subsequently, genius guitarist Tae-hwan Tae and band Mong-ni, who performed guitar at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, went on stage. Taeyanghwan also said about the reason why he came across the guitar, saying, “When I was 6, my father raised my talent when I saw the name of the song from my favorite toy.” Yang Tae-hwan and Mong-ni showed a passionate stage with Sinawi’s ‘Turn on the radio’, and Yoo Hye-seung said, “It was so cool to show my feelings even when playing solo.” “I think I can’t even practice until I’m born and die for this stage,” said Hong Zam-Eun. Taehyun Hwang & Mongni won 1st.  

The third stage is Trot Shindong’s ‘Little Park Sang-cheol’ Hong Jam-un and Park Sang-cheol’s stage. The two showed fantastic breath with Park Sang-cheol’s ‘jaok-ah’. In particular, Hong Jam-an attracted attention with his unwavering pitch and stage manners. I can also call it ‘Jak’s sister’. Kim So-hyun said, “There is no shake in expression. It is so great.” Kim Tae-yeon said, “It was creepy. The last treble was the coolest.” The two have been successful. 

Kim Dong-yeon, the Korean traditional music, and Nam Sang-il, the voice singer, performed an exciting stage with ‘Sungungga’ and ‘I’m in trouble.’ “I think Taeyeon is the youngest child here, but I’m so surprised that there are many egos. The breathing of the two people was so good,” he said. Kim Tae-yeon, who won 1, bowed to the special jury. 

Dance Shindong Nahaeun prepared for the stage with the group Berry Berry. Naha-eun and Berry Berry showed the perfect performance with BTS ” Burning ‘. MC Moon Hee-jun praised, “Haeun knows how to enjoy the stage. At the moment, Jimin and V were seen. And Berry Berry is a really talented idol. This stage is really difficult. 

Kim So-hyun admired, “When Ha-eun was alone, the adult seemed to dance. When the children used her body, she wrote small, but Ha-eun was different. Her mouth wasn’t shut.” Announcer Kang Seong-kyu said, “I knew I was good at dancing in the beginning, but I didn’t know it would be like this.” 

The final stage is the all-round entertainer Campbell Eisia and the band N’Flying. The two captured the stage with Adele’s ‘Someone like you’. The final result was Tae-yeon Kim

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