The Suncheon Bay World Animal Festivals, which takes place in Suncheon, the ecological capital of Korea, is a meaningful film festival that introduces movies that can reflect on the relationship between various animals and humans sharing the place of life called the Earth. This year, along with the festival, the ambassador to publicize the value of ecological coexistence has been promoted to the leader of group EXO.

The ambassador is a multi-faceted entertainer who is actively involved in drama, film, and musicals, as well as actors and actress Kim Jung-myeon, through the films “Glory Day” and “Girls’ A”. Members of the group EXO, including Suho, gathered hot topics on June 29 at the Blue House Reception at Donald Trump’s welcome reception at the Presidential Dinner Cocktail Reception hosted by President Moon Jae-in and others. Suh, who showed her special affection for companion animals through her family’s Yorkshire Terrier Star, plans to brighten up the 7th Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival with an official schedule including press conference and opening ceremony.

An official at the World Animal Festival in Suncheon Bay said, “With the protection of the ambassador, I hope that more people will be able to enjoy the festival and share the spirit of Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival.” Suh said, “It is a great honor for me to participate as a public relations ambassador in the Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival, I hope everyone who comes to the film festival will have a meaningful time to think about the animals living on the earth together with us. ”

Meanwhile, the 7th Suncheon Bay World Animal Film Festival will be held in Suncheon for five days from August 22 to 26, with the slogan “Happy Animals” together with “Happy Animals”. Screening of over 70 movies about the coexistence of human beings, animals and nature is free. For more information, please contact the Sunchon Bay World Animal Festivals Office.

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