Boyz boasted a variety of charms from individuality to trotting.

JTBC’s ‘Idol Room’, which was broadcast on the 14th, has a variety of visuals and charms, and the Boys, called ‘Power Center’ group, played well.

On this day, Jung Hyung-don introduced “The Boyz” as “Korea’s first official ‘con’ line idol.” The Boyz appeared with a “boss” in a cry, and a smile was laughed at Defcon’s mouth.

Defcon said, “It’s my cubs, guys. Let’s get the name tag out.”

Defcon was struggling to show more of Boiz’s charm. He said that he was the founder of Insa Dance, but he showed “Mering Dance” by saying “I am hoping to get out of the way.” In addition, the member shows the recorder by hand, and the member star shows the sequential turn of the seasons. Member Nyu tried to add special abilities, but it made the Defcon irritated by the stunning charm.

“The roll model is a bulletproof boy’s senior,” the Boyz has drawn the cover dancing of the bullet-boy’s “poetry for small things” perfectly

In the “fact check,” MC Jung Hyung-don said, “The Boyz’ member is ranked fifth in the list of face geniuses selected by 141 men and women in 2019.” Astro Cha, who is considered to be the face genius of the Idol representative, has joined the 5th place in the joint with the Monster Star X followed by the Bulletin Boy Scout, the New East Minhyeon, and the Godse Seven. In the news, “I did not know at all” starred in the shame, “I will work harder,” he laughed.

“The Power Center” group, The Boyz, followed by Eric, “I do it”, and my grade year was “lips and handsome.” So the pose for the next generation of facial genius was opened, and the Boyz 4th Century King was elected.

Those who have the nickname of “The Boyz” have also expressed interest in “all songs can be trotted.” The stage was a trot from Sang-chul Park’s ‘Bambun’ to a swaying instant, and he laughed out of the genre. Overseas members Jacob, Kevin and Eric also certify their love of trot, saying “I learned the trot through the stage.”

MC Don Hee and Kon Hee, who saw their affection for the unusual trot of The Boizers, held a ‘Mr. The Boyz were divided into four teams and wrestled with brilliant selection songs including witty makeup and pop trot. However, the evaluation of the cold-hearted crew has touched even the MCs,

“The Boyz’s peace and hygiene comes from the stability of daily necessities.” The members told us, “We will arrange the arrangement of the color of the closet and the direction of the inner sock.”

In the meantime, I talked about the unidentified cases in the hotel. “The shower head is broken, I can not get the guy to go to the dentist,” “I do not have a drink the next day,” and added, “It is hard to find because it is 12 people.”

The two MCs and the Boyzes then found the killer with conscientious hand lifts. Starring and Sunwoo turned out to be criminals, and were amazed at the flurry of reversals.

The Boys played a game with Boss Defcon for Salim. The Boise and Defcon have all been able to acquire all the necessities. Finally, on that day, the ‘Ending Fairy’ won the cue.

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