Actor and staff receive bonus for ‘extreme job’

CJ Entertainment official said on July 9, “The movie ‘extreme job’ is ahead of the first settlement of this month.” “Performance bonuses will be paid to actors and staff in a lump sum”.

The film ‘The Ultimate Profession’ (director Byung-Hun Lee), which was unveiled in January, earned a total of 16,665,255 people, making it the second best-selling movie ever. The top spot is the movie “Myung” (director Kim Han-min), which opened in 2014 and collected 17,610,437 people.

The theater sales surpassed ‘quality’. The theatrical sales of the ‘extreme profession’ known as the total production cost of 9.5 billion won is 133.8 billion won (based on the integrated computer network of March 8).

Meanwhile, ‘extreme profession’ is also remake as a Hollywood version thanks to such domestic box office. Actor Kevin Hart takes on the lead role in the Hollywood version of “Extreme Career.”

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