tvN Toil Drama ‘Hotel DeLuna’ (played by Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran, director Oh Chung-hwan, Kim Jung-hyun) is leaving for a vacation.

“Hotel DeLuna” told OSEN on the 22nd, “It is true that the award holiday has been decided. It is expected in early September, but the exact schedule and location are under discussion.”

‘Hotel DeLuna’, which was first aired on July 13, is a fantasy romance about the story of the elite hotelier Gu Chan-sung (Yojin-gu) with the beautiful but ugly president Jang Man-wol (Ji-eun).

In particular, ‘Hotel DeLuna’ recorded 10.4% of viewer ratings (Nielsen Korea, paid platform nationwide) in the 12th episode aired on the 18th, and renewed its highest rating. In addition, the OST of ‘Hotel DeLuna’ has recorded a high topic every day, such as success in raising the music chart.

Hotel DeLuna is scheduled to close on the 1st of next month.

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