Law of the Jungle in Roast Jungle & Ireland boasts a lineup of surviving survivors and expectations.

On October 10, production presentation of SBS new entertainment program ‘Law of the Jungle’ was held at SBS in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. Joe Yong Jae PD, 1st Half member Jang Chan-sung, Hyun Woo, Hyun Kyung AB6IX, Park Woo-jin, Min Ji Min, second half member Song Yoon Suk

‘Law of the Jungle’ draws the expectation of a brilliant line-up, drawing on the survival of a life-long decision in the lost primeval forest. In the first half of the ‘Lost Jungle’, Roh Jung-il, Park Ho-cheol, Hyun Woo, Hyun Kyung Jung, Jang Chan-sung, AB6IX Park Woo-jin, I will challenge you.

Cho Yong-jae PD said, “The rest of the members, not Park Jung-chul, focused on getting involved as members of the jungle. The members who encountered various environments are different from other seasons, and the episodes have become more and more sticky. I think it’s different from the chemistry of the members. ”

This “Law of the Jungle” predicted the last survival period. Hyun-woo said, “I did not have enough to know why I got ready,” he said. Jung Hyung Kyung said that the jungle was recommended to have fun around him. He said, “I felt like I was fishing. I prepared a small knife, but I could not eat it because I could not eat it.”

red velvet edged the likes of ” The Hunger Games’ and hunting movies, even when the interview was likely to be a good hunt. I went burning fire personally and wanted to rely on really is eopdeora useless my body. I’m really low I do not think I would have survived if I had only five minutes without a team member. ”

The idol members were the seniors who went first. When asked about his advice, Park said, “If (NB) Neungun is like his brother, I asked him what he needed and he said he could take all the things in the carrier and take only one confidence.” Jerry said, “When my sister and I went there, there was a chef. “I knew there was nothing I could do, but it was real, I knew the importance of food, and now I leave no food,” said Via.

Mina said, “My sister had gone there, and she told me to take care of her when she bought the fruit that she had bought for the goods, but she did not have any fruit. I told her that scuba diving would be fun enough to be a hobby. “I heard a lot about my cleaning sister, but I did not think I was going to the scene.”

Songyuan seats are called “original five won similar to Warner won ‘balhimyeo their team name explained,” was composed Kwak Si-yang, anhyoseop, gwondogyun, me, it would be interesting in more than one Kwak Si-yang’s expectations lost everything. ” “I thought I could do everything, I lost my health, I lost my body, I lost my sense of self, I realized I was a frog in a well,” he said.

Park said, “It is very difficult to mention one, and when I first boarded the ship, I was caught up in the big jungle. Also, Park Woo-jin said, “I would like all the members of AB61X to visit once.

Hyun-woo said that he had fallen in the jungle. He told me that he was like a hero because he chose coconut by tree alone and he was thankful. Lee Yul-yun said, “We had many firsts. I would like to thank Kim Byung-man for saying that he is incompetent when living in this jungle.” Cho Yong-jae said, “We hope that the latter members will survive the day without a patriarch, and feel the patriarch’s absence in the process.”

Cho Yong-jae PD said, “It’s the 42nd jungle, but it’s hard for everyone to come in. When a man comes to the army, it’s hard enough not to be seen on the screen, I feel like I am a military army officer, and that feeling has melted into the program. ”

‘Jungle’s Law in Roost Jungle & Ireland’ will be broadcasted at 9 pm on Saturday the 11th.

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