The faction drama ‘The Clowns: The Windmoon Operation Group’ was released yesterday based on the story hidden behind the strange phenomenon recorded in the Annals of Sejo. Five members of Korea’s first clown, who manipulated the rumors to shake public sentiment, were chosen by Han Myung-hoe (Son Hyun-joo), who was killed in power, trying to change history by making a story for Sejo (Park Hee-soon) who killed his nephew and robbed the throne. She met actress Kim Seul-ki, who was able to express her strong point, cool voice, and a comic makeup.

Q. The first movie star, ‘The Clowns: The Windmoon Operation Group’ has finally been released. It was the 1st place in Korean movie booking rate on the first day of release. How do you feel?
A. I can’t believe it. The movie also participated in ‘Award Winning’ and ‘International Market’. This was the first time I interviewed, so I was nervous from the morning.

Q. How did you watch the movie?
A. It was so good. In the early days, the fun part was well lived. The scenes that the clowns mocked up were fun, and I watched the transformation of myself.

Q. I received a new name in the movie, but once I made a name, but I had a bad faith, ‘Geundeok,’ a lot of appearances and various activities such as wire action.
A. As a clown, he played a sound, was a salesman, a lady, and acted as an all-around handyman. Despite being a woman in Joseon Dynasty, he is also a confident and confident subject. The point of the movie is to reproduce the incredible thing, but I was a bit scared so I enjoyed the wire action. The most common makeup was Buddha, but the makeup itself was so fun. When I dressed up as a Buddha and hung up on the wire, I went up with this idea and everybody who sees me enjoyed popping. I took a lot of pictures with the staff that day. It is also the most memorable scene that I acted as a Buddha makeup. Lastly, Geundeok’s charm seems to have come out the most in the part where she plays Geundeok, a beautiful woman who comes to wear again.

Q. I played a door worker in the water. How was it then?
A. I loved the water, so it was great to shoot that day. It was a bit cold because I was filming on a cold night, and I had chondrosis at the time. At that time, I was impressed by Cho Jin-woong in the scene. Before that, I had a hard tone that seemed to be played by my ambassador. I thought it was very respectful to accept the other’s lines more naturally.

Q. The dialogue in the movie was also fun.
A. I haven’t decided on an ad-lib. Do not adlib than you think. It is a style of acting only given, and it is a style of planning and acting in advance even if there is an ad lib. Set the dialogue to look like an ad-lib. (Laughter)

Q. I heard that the atmosphere at the scene was very good.
A. Because they were clowns, they thought their relationship was important. From the start, I tried to get to know each other and to team up. Thanks to that, I think I could cope well with the group scene, but my seniors took care of me so well. The seniors really thought that they were born-in actors, and it made the story very interesting. No matter what you talked about, the vocal cords and gestures were mixed and you were talking about it. The old clown is now an actor, so you’re like a real clown! I wanted to.

Q. This is my first star movie. What did the director cast for Kim Seulgi?
A. The director thought ‘Geundeok’ was a actor who had a strong voice and thought of me from the beginning. Thank you. However, when I saw the scenario, I liked the sights a lot, and it was good to try to realize a story that was really ridiculous in Joseon Dynasty. I was basically a manager who knew my charm, so I trusted him. The bishop did not have a special acting spell. If you think of something different, you have to consider various versions in the field. I really breathed well with the director.

Q. Was this the first time in an authentic historical drama?
A. I did a historical drama with a fusion drama or fantasy, but it was my first time to do it. The tone was modern, but it wasn’t easy to dress or set up. My scalp allergies, my skin doesn’t feel good, and I’ve had a lot of discomforts. I was rather thankful that I wanted to. Son Hyun-joo took more than three hours to dress up, but I’m not there yet.

Q. But how did you go on your way to the actor?
A. I was happy to watch drama at night with my mom at home. So I thought I wanted to, too, and that changed to thinking I could too. It started right from high school. When I was young, I loved to show something in front of people. But in fact, I’m not fun, so I wasn’t confident about what I was doing alone, and I was confident about what I was doing with the script. Looking back at what I’ve done so far, the character seems to like something obvious. She seems to prefer to play the subjective, proud and trusting roles rather than the feminine and chunky woman. So I always wanted to play male actors, but I thought it was a pity. I was a Hong-do at the Clowns, but I liked this work because I was a character with a subjective feeling.

Q. It’s more quiet and calm than I thought. However, I am curious about what it really looks like because it is very different from the images I see through my work.
A. I’m usually introverted and can’t make a big sound. When I smoke, I exaggerate when I exaggerate facial expressions or use muscles that I don’t normally wear and even breathe differently than usual. When you smoke, you pour out all the energy and in reality you save a lot of energy. When you smoke from the scene and return to the waiting room, you are quiet. I usually play games or watch movies at home, but now I am doing water sports little by little to move a little. I started surfing and it was so good. The common point between acting and surfing is that you can focus on the action at the moment. Acting should focus on memorizing lines, and surfing is all about waves. The feeling of floating on the water, the tranquility of the water, the sound of the waves breaking, and the space afforded by the sea seem to be attractive.

Q. The next work to be shown in this movie is ‘Human beings’.
A. I’m on a comedy these days. At the point when I wanted to do an interesting drama, I came to participate with grateful feelings, and the heroine and Kemi played an important role. I was able to participate because I believed that I could. Through this work, I am solving one of my comedies without a circle.

Q. It’s not just comic acting, but the comedy image is too strong. Are there any concerns about this image as an actor?
A. Just look at me as I see it, and I think that if I show a different figure then, the image of me will change every time. Rather than forcing something to change my image, it’s more about just doing what I can. Should I be a good actor to hear that I’m a good actor, positive or comedy?

Q. What do you think the audience would like to see in the movie ‘The Clowns: The Poem Manipulator’?
A. I hope you enjoyed it. That’s one. I think the best the clown or actor can do for the audience is to entertain the time. Our movie is not a movie that requires much thought. It shows the process of realizing a brilliant idea, so if you watch a movie and like funny acting, that’s enough. I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun.

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