Infinite, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, and Ullim, posted their photos on June 27 at 0 o’clock on the official SNS account with the words ‘W PROJECT4 Concept Photo #JOOCHANGUK 2019.09.02 6PM RELEASE’. .

Ju Chang-wook in the teaser image released reveals a luxurious atmosphere. Ju Chang-wook, who obtained the qualifier of ‘People’s Protector’ through the fashion pictorial’s concept digestive power, has received great response from fans by showing expressions and poses suitable for it.

Joo Chang-wook received a lot of attention from the early days of broadcasting as a visual that manliness and softness coexist in the recently released program Mnet ‘Produce X 101’. Group Battle Rating Gulseven’s ‘Lullaby’, Position Rating Bruno’s ‘Finesse’ and Concept Rating ‘Monday to Sunday’ were gradually growing in the ratings, and they were loved by viewers.

The members of ‘W Project 4’ consisted of six members including Lee Hyeop, Hwang Yun Sung, Ju Chang Wook, Kim Dong Yoon, Kim Min Seo and Lee Seong Jun.

With the personal teaser of five members so far released, the expectation of the remaining member Hwang Yun-sung’s concept photo is amplified.

Meanwhile, Jo Chang-wook’s music and performance of ‘W Project 4’ will be unveiled at 6 pm on September 2.

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