Lee Jung-jae, Shin Eun-jae, Lee Elija, Kim Dong-joon, Kim Kwang-soo, Jeong-woong Lee, and Jung-hyun Kim, who led the acclaim with the reality of JTBC drama ‘Aide- Lim Won Hee. Seven actresses who re-wrote their life characters in a successful transformation sent a message to viewers one day before the end of the season. As the curiosity about the ending of Season 1 is being amplified, I encouraged the expectation of Season 2 that the more exciting development will unfold.

#. Lee Jung-jae, “Stronger, stronger, and fiercer than Season 1”

Lee Jung-jae, who played the role of an assistant, Chang Tae-joon, who rushed toward ambition, First of all, “all the scenes of Season 1 are memorable, I can not count a certain scene,” remembers the past process. “Season 1 can be seen to have a light breathe with all the actors, and it will be a darker, stronger, and more intense story in Season 2. Let’s expect Season 2 with the remaining 9, 10 episodes” He said.

#. Shin Min-ah, “Ending season 1 is the most memorable.”

Shin Min-ah, who showed a successful acting transformation by playing the role of Kang Sun-young, “There are so many scenes to remember, but the final ending is the most shocking and memorable event I’ve ever heard.” Also, “Season 2 seems to be very exciting and interesting stories.

#. Elijah, “Season 2, exciting story ready.”

Elijah, who plays Yoon Hye-won, who keeps Chang Tae-joon’s side with his passion and enthusiasm, was first lucky that “Lee Seong-min and his assistant Jang Tae-jun were the most memorable scenes in Season 1.” “I had a lot of feelings when I read the script and when I shot it,” he said. “I have a lot of fun, excitement, and exciting stories in season 2, so I expect lots of anticipation. “I left the point.

#. Kim Dong-joon, “Limitations of Chang-Tae Jun, Chang-joon, please wait for change.”

Kim Dong – jun is a lively but stimulating intern at the station. “It seems like the first scene in the office of the National Assembly was like taking the first steps in the world. In addition, he added, “I expect most changes in Dae Kyung Lee and Tae Joon Jang in Season 2. I would like more love than Season 1.”

#. Kim, “I’ll look for a better look.”

Kim Kwang-soo unleashed the appearance of the acting artisan by infusing the “super-strong reality” into the “assistant”. So is it. “I feel sorry for Song Hye-seop’s words and actions, but I am grateful for the fun.” Following ”

Chung Woongin, who had been bothering Jang Tae-joon hardly as a vain assistant Oh Won-sik, who had become a belief in money. However, the most memorable scene is that “Owon Sik is going down to the regional area again because of Jang Tae-joon.” At that time, he smiled with the impression of “I think that he expressed the complex feelings of Owon Sik.” In addition, he added, “I wondered about Oh Won-sik’s gaze, heart, and his life to see Chang Tae-joon in Season 2”.

#. Lim Won-hee, “Season 2, more chewy to have fun.”

Lim Won-hee, who is the closest associate to Jang Tae-joon and who played the role of Ko Seok-man, a loyal assistant to Kang Sun- “I also remember the season 1 ending, which is anxious about the development of the future,” he said. “Season 1 was fun, but I expect season 2 to be as cheerful and cheerful as it is season 2,” he said.

‘Aide’ 9th, Today (12th) Friday at 11 pm JTBC. Season 2, the ‘aide’, which has already attracted the attention of viewers, is scheduled to air in November.

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