Lee Min-Ki is going to be a woman in a magical romance with Seo Hyun-jin.

On October 14, JTBC New Moonwha drama ‘Beauty Inside’ (directed by Song Hyun-wook, dramatic e-mimee, production studio and new, YongFilm) showed Lee Min-Ki’s still cut .

The JTBC New Moonwha drama ‘Beauty Inside’, one of the most anticipated films in the second half of the year, is a little extraordinary story of Seo Do-jae (Lee Min-ki), who does not recognize the face of one- I draw romance. ‘Loko ChetKey’ to increase the index and increase emotions Seo Hyun-jin and Lee Min-gi’s encounter with hot topics from the pre-broadcast work. Song Hyun-wook PD of ‘Oh Hae Young’, a songwriter who has a great love for her, and a novelist, Lee Ee-ri, coincide with each other to create a romantic comedy that appeals to the original.

Lee Min Ki is a non-substitute charm actor who has spread his own acting world through various genres from romance to thriller. In particular, Lee Min – Ki, who showed off his unique presence in the romantic comedy genre, has made preparations for the life character ‘s character as a member of the airline general manager who is stepping into the secret world of the world.

In the play, Seo Do Jae is blessed with god blessed with good looks, tall keys, and excellent brains, but it has a fatal defect called facial recognition disorder. A person who maintains perfection through careful efforts to memorize people’s minor habits and gait to avoid being hurt by those who are seeking their place. The perfectly calculated life of the calligrapher is a big change in the unexpected encounter with the world.

In the open photo, Lee Min-gi attracts attention with his perfect suit. The figure of Lee Min-ki without disturbance from the head to the toe in the perfect southern book wearing the visual of the extreme steals the gaze. Seo Do Jae, who had a facial recognition disorder due to an unexpected accident, had a unique scanning technique to hide defects. The intense eyes that emit cold charisma are as sharp as they penetrate the inside. The unexpected warm reversal of handing a handkerchief to someone with a cynical expression in the picture that follows also shakes her emotion.

‘Rocco’s craftsman’ Lee Min-gi is cynical, but expects to see what kind of charm he will meet by meeting with the warm-hearted Seo Do Jae.

Especially, chemistry with Seo Hyun – jin, which is perfect without any doubt, amplifies the expectation for the beauty – in – romance romance. Only one person who can not recognize the face of another person is the only one who asks me, and the magic romance that will be drawn and the world will make you wait.

The production team of ‘Beauty Inside’ said, “Lee Min Ki is cynical, but sometimes it is an incongruous and warm calligraphy itself.” He said, “Please look forward to seeing ash when you step into the secret world of the world and change.”

On the other hand, ‘Beauty Inside’ changes the setting of the original face, which changes the face, to the heroine, which gives a different kind of fun. The romance of a man with a facial recognition disability who recognizes only her with a woman who becomes a different person at a certain period invites the birth of a differentiated romantic comedy by infusing the pleasure and sympathy on the emotional result of the original work.

Beauty Inside will be broadcasted at JTBC at 9:30 pm on October 1.

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