The Produce X101, the fourth season of the Produce 101 series, follows the producers 101 Season 1, Produced 101 Season 2, Produced 48, and finalized the members to debut with the group ‘X-One’.

The national producers tried to make their debut as a “pick” trainee. As a result, 11 trainees enjoyed their debut as a global idol group “X-Yuan”. However, as in the previous series, there was also a drop in the impact, which gave it a sense of tension.

Mnet ‘Produce X101’ was broadcast on 19th, and the final announcement ceremony was finished to finish the event for over 100 days.

X1 (X1 won) was revealed as the group name for the trainees who made their debut. “X-Yuan” means that 11 trainees with the possibility of unknown are gathered to move toward the best.

20 debut candidates for the X-Yuan debut were singing the title song ‘Jima’. Kim Yoo-han, who took first place in the third ranking announcement ceremony, took charge of the center, and in the second section, the students who were released came up with the hearts of the national producers.

As a result of the final ranking announcement, Kim Yo-han (Lee Entertainment) was honored to be ranked number one. Kim Yoon – han said, “I am grateful to the national producers for being in a place of exorbitant and honorable status. I will be Kim Yoo-han who is working hard and growing. “

Kim Woo-suk, Han Seung-woo, Song Hyung-joon, Cho Seung-yeon, Sohn Pyo-pyo, Lee Han-hyun, Namdo Hyun, Cha Jun-ho and Kang Min-hee all made their debut with “X-won”. The last member ‘X’ with the highest total cumulative votes since the first broadcast was Lee Eun-sung.

From Kim Yo-Han to Lee Eun-sung, all 11 members who will act as “X-won” have been confirmed. They are scheduled to perform their activities in the name of “X-Yuan” after having completed 100 days of trek.

Congratulations to the students who debuted, and there are cheerleaders who continue to cheer for those who have fallen out of school, but there are also students who have left their disappointment with the drop of the shock. In this Producer X101, Lee Jin-hyuk trainee was the main character.

Lee Oh-hyuk, a rival of Tiofymedia, is expected to make a stable debut as the ranking rises sharply. 38th, 35th, 32nd, 25th, 11th, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. It started with a somewhat lower ranking, but it was recognized with its outstanding performance and ability, and rose to the second place in the 8th place. Many Korean producers are saddened by Lee Jin-hyuck’s final debut.

The ‘Produce 101’ series has shocked the national producers as a result of many reversals. In ‘Produce 101 Season 1’, Han Hye Ri, Lee Soo Hyun, Kim Soehyun, Yun Kyoung Kyung, Lee In Hyun, Ki Hee Hyun, and former So Hyun all suffered the loss of desolation. It was a disappointment that Kim Soh-hee, Yun Chae-kyung, and Han Hye-ri, who had dreamed of debuting with a surprise top-11 entry, were eliminated.

In ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, Sung Woon, Kang Dong-ho, and Kim Jong Hyun drank to the height of elimination. Especially, the disappearance of Kim Jonghyun was saddened by many national producers. He has always been in a stable position with his excellent skills. He raised hopes for Warner One’s debut, but Warner won his debut because he could not reach the 11th place in the final ranking announcement.

In ‘Produce 48’, Lee is a representative. I got 1st place in the 1st ranking announcement ceremony, and I got the topic by going to the Korean Practitioner Center on the stage of ‘MY WAY’. Many national producers expected from the fact that they came from the girl group after school. It was expected to make a stable debut with 5th place, 1st place, 1st place, 1st place, 8th place, 5th place and 5th place, but it made its debut at 14th place.

Excellent skills and stable ranking show high debut potential. However, the Producer 101 series shows that there is no rule that guarantees a good performance, stable ranking, debut. The Producer X101, which gave a reversal, shock, and tension, showed an average audience rating of 3.9% at the end of the show and 5.4% at the highest rating. 

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