Seolah, Axi, and Lolo Zhuai recently caught the attention of music fans by releasing a certified photo on their official SNS channel.

The three smile in a V pose with a cute smile at the camera, giving them a freshly sporty visual. In addition, Seol and Axi showed their adorable charm by showing their faces with Zoro’s face and lovingly hugging each other. In particular, Seolah and Axiy, along with the pictures, said, “I have finally met Zuloi.”

In addition, Lolo Zhuai also attracted attention by publishing pictures of Axi and Seolwa, and showed special affection, saying, “Salt is so cute.”

Rollo Zuai is a new French artist from Seol and Axi.

The meeting was specially held on the 14th of the day before the participation of the festival ‘YOURSUMMER’, which is the first performance of Rolo Juai. Moreover, Seol and Axi, who are known as a big fan of Lolo’s Zu’ai, are rumored to have a pleasant time despite their first meeting with Lolo’s. In particular, she participated in the OST “ Love Virus ” of the popular drama “ Why Kim secretary ” and appeared on the web drama “ Good Morning Double-Decker Bus ” and “ Insa-chan Becomes Insa ”. Participate in rap making, write their own song ‘Winter Sleep’,

The space girl to which Seo-ah and Axi belonged was debuted in 2016 as ‘Momomo’, and since then she has released ‘Dreaming Heart’, ‘Thank You’, ‘La La Love’, etc., and released the special album ‘For The Summer’ last June. ‘Boogie Up’

Meanwhile, the space girl is active in various fields such as music and broadcasting, and continues to be active.

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