Fashion magazine ‘Singles’ attracted attention by unveiling the behind-the-scenes cut of Space Girl Seolah and Eunseo on the 27th.

Seol and Eunseo in the public photos showcase the colorful aura with the make-up with the intense color of the primary colors and catch the eyes of the viewers.

The two have black and blonde hair, creating an opposing atmosphere, and the close-up shots, in which the dark lip is eye-catching, stand out and the unique visual of Eunseo shines. In the following individual cuts, Seol is vivid with a daunting yet refreshing expression, while Eunseo is charismatic in a unique style, expressing the atmosphere of each and expressing another charm.

Seol and Eun-seo, who show off their attractive charms and show off their fascinating visuals, are members of the space girl, who made their debut in the music industry in 2016 with ‘Momomo’, ‘With Dreaming Heart’, ‘Confidence’, and ‘La La Love’. La Love) and ‘Boogie Up’ (Boogie Up) is loved a lot. Recently, he has won the Shinhan Ryu Artist Award at the ‘2019 Soribada Best K Music Awards’ and continues to lead the trend of girl group.

Participated in ‘Love Virus’, which is the OST of why Kim Seol-seo is the drama ‘Seul-na’, and recently appeared on the web drama ‘Insa-chan’, which became a big success, and Eunseo was active in ‘Siksin Road 4’ fixed MC. He has been actively engaged in various programs such as ‘Real Man 300’ and ‘Sky Mussel’.

On the other hand, the pictorial that shows the unique beauty of Seolah and Eunseo can be seen through the September issue of the fashion magazine Singles.

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